Network Insights

Whenever an app makes a network call, Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK monitors and captures certain information automatically. You can optionally configure filtering and location details. For an introduction, see Network Insights.

When Network Insights is enabled, the performance of HTTP traffic generated by either or OkHttp will be monitored. No action is needed in order to turn on Network Performance Monitoring. Simply initialize Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK as normal.

Disabling Network Insights

By default, Network Insights is enabled. In order to disable it, see CrittercismConfig.setServiceMonitoringEnabled() method for Android SDK 5.0 and above. For versions lower than 5.0, use the CrittercismConfig.setOptmzEnabled() method.

Filtering Captured Data

By default, all URLs are stripped of query parameters before being sent to Workspace ONE Intelligence. For example the URL would be reported as It is also possible to add url blacklists to completely prevent sensitive URLs from being sent to Workspace ONE Intelligence. See Network Insights Configuration for further information.

Blacklisting URLs

URL blacklisting can be used to prevent sensitive URLs from being captured by the network instrumentation. Use CrittercismConfiguration.setURLBlacklistPatterns() for configuring URLs that should not be monitored by Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK. This configuration option must be set at initialization time of Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Updating the Location

Network Insights ties location information to network data. By default, location information is obtained through a reverse IP lookup.

Starting with library version 4.2.0, you can update location information by using the Crittercism.updateLocation (Location) method.