Leanplum Integration Guide

This topic describes how to integrate Apteligent with Leanplum. Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform that drives app engagement and ROI. This integration allows companies to pull Apteligent performance data into Leanplum and allow product managers, analysts, and marketers to:

  • Understand how performance is impacting business metrics like app usage, retention, and churn
  • Create audiences of app users to engage through in-app and push messages – eg, to apologize, let them know a fix is on the way.
  • Detect is app is having an outage - don’t send push notification.

This document will guide you through the process of activating sending Apteligent events into Leanplum through a few additional lines of code in the SDK.


Before you start the integration process, please make sure you have the following in the mobile app:


The Apteligent SDK will create a notification that fires when the SDK knows that a crash occurred. On iOS, when the user loads the app after a crash occurred, this notification will fire. The notification will contain four pieces of information:

  • Crash Name: The name of the crash (i.e., NSRangeException)
  • Crash Reason: More details on why the crash occurred (i.e., “***-[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]:index 18446744073709551615 beyond bounds for empty array”)
  • Crash Date: The date and time at which the crash occurred
  • Crash View: A list of the views that were active at the time of the crash

Sending a Crash Event to Leanplum (iOS)


Make sure the Leanplum SDK is initialized before Crittercism, otherwise the crash event will not be sent.

To send these crash events to Leanplum, add two lines of code:

  1. Register an Observer to Capture the Apteligent Event
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self
    name:@"CRCrashNotification" object:nil];
  1. Send an Event to Leanplum Upon Notification
- (void) crashDidOccur:(NSNotification*)notification {
// Send Event to Leanplum
[Leanplum track:@"ApteligentCrashEvent" withParameters:notification.userInfo];

For additional assistance, contact Apteligent Support (support@apteligent.com).