Loggly Integration Guide

This topic describes how to integrate Apteligent alerts with Loggly. Loggly is a cloud-based log management service that helps DevOps and technical teams make sense of the the massive quantity of logs that are being produced by a growing number of cloud-centric applications.

Using Apteligent’s Loggly integration, all Apteligent alerts can be delivered directly to your enterprise’s existing Loggly instance.

  1. Login to Apteligent, go to Alert Center and Alert Integrations, and click Add Integration.

  2. Select Webhook as the Integration type and give your integration a Name.

  3. Find your Loggly Source URL by logging into Loggly and selecting Source Setup > Client Side Apps > HTTP/S Endpoint.

    ../_images/integration-loggly-source-setup.png ../_images/integration-loggly-source-setup-http.png

    Copy the URL that is displayed under Step 1.


    For more information, refer to the Loggly HTTP Endpoint Documentation.

  4. Paste the URL from the previous step. Click Create Integration.

  5. Create a New Alert to test out your integration.

  6. If your Loggly integration is working correctly, every time your Apteligent alert is triggered, it will be sent to Loggly.


For additional assistance, contact Apteligent Support (support@apteligent.com).