PagerDuty Integration Guide

This topic describes how to integrate Apteligent alerts with PagerDuty. Using Apteligent’s PagerDuty integration, whenever a Apteligent alert is triggered, it will automatically trigger an incident in PagerDuty so that customers can take advantage of PagerDuty’s schedule management, alerting, and incident tracking system. See also the related PagerDuty instructions.

To configure alert integration with PagerDuty:

  1. In the Apteligent Alert center, click Add Integration to create a new alert integration.

  2. For the Integration type, select PagerDuty.

  3. Enter a custom name (for example, My New PD Integration:).

  4. Get the service key for the integration by creating a new service in your PagerDuty account. Log into your PagerDuty account, go to the Services Tab, and click + Add New Service.

  5. Specify the settings for this new service.


    In this dialog:

    • Enter a name for your integration.
    • Select an escalation policy.
    • For the Integration Type, select Crittercism.
  6. Click Add Service.

  7. In the Apteligent Alert Integration, copy the Service API Key.

  8. Return to the Apteligent alert center, paste the copied Service API Key into the Service Key field, and then click Create Integration.


For additional assistance, contact Apteligent Support (