Pivotal Tracker Integration Guide

Apteligent provides an integration with the Pivotal Tracker project communication and issue tracking software by Pivotal Labs. Customers can view error data within the Apteligent console and, with the click of a button, create new tickets in their Pivotal Tracker system.

Configuring Pivotal Tracker Integration

  1. Find and click the Bug Tracking tab in your app console.

  2. Complete the following form using settings for your Pivotal Tracker implementation. For example:

    Field Description
    Username Pivotal Tracker username for the account that Apteligent will use to log into the system.
    Password Password for the account that Apteligent will use to log into the system.
    Pivotal Project Key

    Unique identifier for the project to which you want to link on your Pivotal Tracker.

    This is the “Project Id” which can be found in Pivotal Tracker in “Settings” under “Access”. Be sure to allow Public Access.

    After clicking “Save”, you should see a message indicating success at the top of the page.

  3. Once you’ve integrated, you can easily connect a crash report with a Pivotal Tracker issue via the Crash Details page.


    Click Create Issue to create a new issue with the basic error information and a link back to the Apteligent crash report.

For additional assistance, contact Apteligent Support (support@apteligent.com).