This guide will help you implement Workspace ONE Intelligence and provide an overview of all its capabilities. Estimated times for implementations are also included.

Step 1: Sign Up (1 min)

Sign up here for your free account.

If you have received an invitation to an application, you can access the app after signing in.

Step 2: Register Your App (1 min)

Obtain your App ID from the “New App Registration” page:


The App ID is a 24 or 40 digit character string. By registering, you become the owner of the application.

Don’t have an app? No Problem! Try with one of our sample apps.

Step 3: Invite Collaborators (1 min)

Invite collaborators to your application by going to your account management page, selecting the User Management tab and then clicking Invite New User. Invitees will receive email notifications inviting them to your application.

Step 4: Download and Install the SDK (5 mins)

Go to the Downloads page and download the Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK for your app platform.

Install the Crittercism SDK in your application.

Platform Instructions
Apple Installing Workspace ONE Intelligence Apple SDK
Android Installing the Android SDK

Step 5: Initialize Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK (5 mins)

Add initialization code into your app and then build your application.

Platform Instructions
Apple Basic Setup
Android Initializing Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK
HTML5 Initializing the HTML5 SDK

Step 6: Add Symbolication (5 mins)

Workspace ONE Intelligence uses server-side symbolication automatically to create human-readable error reports. You must provide your app’s symbol files according to the instructions for your app platform.

Platform Instructions
Apple Configuring Crash Symbolication
Android Configuring Proguard Symbolication
Android NDK Configuring Android NDK Symbolication


Congratulations! At this point, you have completed setting up crash reporting, Network Insights, and basic userflows to your application.

Custom Implementation

You can customize Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK to monitor and report additional performance metrics in your app and provide more data to quickly recreate and fix issues.

Log Custom Userflows (30-45 mins)

With the base implementation, you have automatic monitoring for app load time. In addition to monitoring app load time, we recommend monitoring the three most critical flows in your app. Monitor crashes that cause login, in-app purchase, account registration and other critical flows in your app to fail with two additional lines of code.

Platform Instructions
Apple Logging User Flows
Android Logging User Flows


Read more about Userflows here:

Log Breadcrumbs (30-45 mins)

Breadcrumbs allow you to recreate issues by providing a “breadcrumb” trail which shows all of the events and user actions leading to a failure. By default, we provide automatic breadcrumbs for common events such as changes to network connectivity, network requests, app background/foreground, and view changes. You can add additional custom events with one more line of code.

Platform Instructions
Apple Logging Breadcrumbs
Android Logging Breadcrumbs
HTML5 Logging Breadcrumbs

Log Handled Exceptions (30-45 mins)

Add handled exceptions to monitor non-fatal errors in your app. For example, a common use of handled exceptions is logging every time an error dialog is displayed to your users.

Platform Instructions
Apple Logging Handled Exception on iOS
Android Logging Handled Exception on Android
HTML5 Logging Handled Exceptions

Log User Metadata (30-45 mins)

You have the option to track user demographic information or session parameters.

Platform Instructions
Apple Logging User Metadata
Android Logging User Metadata
HTML5 Logging User Metadata

Customize Network Insights

You have the option to configure the details that Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK automatically captures whenever an app makes a network call, and also manually log network requests from custom networking libraries.

Platform Instructions
Apple Network Insights
Android Network Insights

Allow Users to Opt Out of Workspace ONE Intelligence Reporting

You have the option to allow users to disable all app logging and reporting to Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Platform Instructions
Apple Opt Out Status
Android Opt Out Status